Managed SD WAN

Our Managed SD WAN solutions use hardware application-aware routing to make sure all your data travels the right path to its destination. So, you can keep your private networks clear for demanding apps while sending less critical data over public networks. All without taking your IT team away from core projects.

Main Benefits:

  • Automation. Prioritize WAN traffic and adjust on the fly to fluctuating demands
  • Efficiency. Use existing bandwidth more efficiently rather than paying for what you don’t need
  • Peace of mind. Let our experts plan, monitor, manage and secure your network.

A managed SD WAN reduces the cost of network expenses by connecting branches with multiple providers. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware and makes it possible to stay on budget with network management.

A managed SD WAN routes traffic based on application type, which is a big help when traffic patterns change from day-to-day. When an app like video conferencing needs more bandwidth than usual because your team is traveling for a conference, it won’t create bottlenecks by slowing down other apps. The rest of your employees will still have access to the internet and be able to work as they normally would. When employees are out of the office during business hours, they can use their personal devices to connect securely over public networks. This helps keep productivity high while keeping costs low.

In addition, a managed SD WAN lets you prioritize traffic across all links in real time without affecting individual user experience or impacting performance. If one link is congested, you can reroute data through another link while keeping everything else running smoothly. You can also choose how much bandwidth is dedicated to critical applications like VoIP and video conferencing, so your company doesn’t pay for more than it needs.